Meet the FANS Team

Benjamin Coleman


Benjamin Coleman is deeply passionate about everything sports. He works in the NFL as a Social Impact Associate for the Minnesota Vikings, where he extends upon his FANS activism. Benjamin is closely connected to the immigrant community. He recently graduated from UC Berkeley, where he served on the executive board of the Berkeley Sports Business Group and worked as the sports editor and sports reporter for the Daily Californian, Berkeley’s student-run newspaper. Benjamin attended the Wharton Sports Business Academy summer program at Penn and has his own YouTube channel (MJMADNESS) where he makes videos on everything sports. In his free time, Benjamin plays hockey, soccer, tennis, badminton, and basketball.

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Lucy Coleman


Lucy Coleman is a second-year university student at Dartmouth College who loves to play many sports including rowing, basketball, badminton, and swimming. She is passionate about creating change and helping newcomers. Lucy has received multiple awards for leadership and social change. She has a history of social activism with Round Square, Me to We, the Calgary Foundation and the 2050 project. She notably secured a $5,000 grant to support Immigrant Services Calgary. With FANS she continues to make her impact on the world. 

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Kameron Sharma

Director of Communications

Kameron Sharma is a high school student who joined FANS Foundation to support newcomers and help improve their experience with sports in Canada. Kameron plays several sports recreationally, including badminton, biking, and swimming. He has also participated in cross country running. As an immigrant himself, Kameron believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities, which is why he is passionate about improving accessibility of sports opportunities for newcomers. Along with English, Kameron is also fluent in Hindi, which is his first language. He has a currently developing knowledge of French.

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Beiwen Fu

Director of Partnerships

Beiwen Fu is a high school student who cares deeply about fostering connection for newcomers. She felt amazed by the passionate sports atmosphere in Canada, an experience she hadn’t encountered to the same extent in China. Beiwen recognizes sports as a universal language that minimizes barriers and helps immigrant children forge new friendships. She joined FANS Foundation with the hope of introducing new-Canadians to all Canada has to offer. Beiwen is fluent in Mandarin and proficient in reading both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. In her free time, Beiwen excels in badminton and loves trying new sports, such as skiing and volleyball.

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Jude Almutawa

Social Media Coordinator

Jude Almutawa is a high school student who is passionate about sports. From a young age, she has enjoyed athletic activities such as tennis, soccer, volleyball, and more. She has always loved the energetic environment within camps and teams. Jude joined FANS Foundation to share the excitement and energy that comes from participating in sports, and as an immigrant herself, she wants to give that experience to other newcomers. Jude can speak both English and Arabic fluently.

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Kamran Shukoor

Digital Media Coordinator

Kamran Shukoor is a high school student who is a passionate debater, leads various clubs, and is an avid member of his sports teams. As a second degree black belt, he has practiced Taekwondo for over 4 years and is passionate about the sport. As a PYPX winner for immigrants and refugees, Kamran joined FANS because of his strong sense of hope for integrating newcomers into the community. Coming from an immigrant family himself, Kamran feels a responsibility to help. Kamran speaks over 6 languages. 

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