Meet the FANS Team

Benjamin Coleman


Benjamin is a high school student who is passionate about everything sports. He plays Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and Swims. Benjamin has many family members and friends who are Newcomers to Canada. He recently attended the Wharton Sports Business Academy(UPenn) summer program. He has his own YouTube channel (MJMADNESS) where he makes videos on everything sports.

Contact Benjamin:


Phone: (403) 973-9712

Lucy Coleman

Director of Communications and Outreach

Lucy Coleman is a junior high student who is passionate about sports and giving back to the community. She enjoys playing soccer, badminton, volleyball,  basketball and swimming. She has many friends and family who are Newcomers to Canada. She enjoys volunteering in community events. She has recently participated in a Me to We Take Action camp.

Contact Lucy:


Phone: 403 973-0203