Newcomer Stories

Meet 8 year old Joanny who is from South Korea. Joanny loves trying out different sports. This summer, Joanny had an opportunity to improve her basketball skills, thanks to Stryker Sports! If you’d like to support Joanny to continue improving her basketball skills, contact us!

Meet 4 year old twins, Camelia and Elina from France! They absolutely love doing things together, like ice skating lessons and they just passed level 2! With the help of your donation through our donation boxes, FANS were able to provide them with the swimming equipment (swim goggles and life jackets), so they can enjoy summer season and practice swimming together. If you’d like to support Camelia and Elina’s level 3 ice skating lessons this upcoming winter, contact us! 

Meet 9 year old Laura who is from Brazil. She moved to Canada with her parents in 2018. Laura likes to play tennis, and this winter, FANS Foundation sent her to First Serve Tennis Academy to improve her skills. She also likes to run and dance ballet. Contact us if you would like to support newcomers like Laura in learning other sports.

Meet Margaux who is 4 years old. She is from the Philippines and likes to play tennis. FANS Foundation sent her to practice her tennis skills with the First Serve Tennis Academy. She also likes to do gymnastics and ballet. Contact us if you would like to support newcomers, like Margaux, in learning sports. 

Meet 8 year old Maricar from the Philippines. This winter FANS Foundation sent her to play tennis at the First Serve Tennis Academy. Maricar likes to swimming and also skating. Contact us if you would like to support newcomers, like Maricar, in learning sports. 

Meet Arthur. He is 10 years old and was born in Brazil. He moved to Canada in 2014. This winter FANS Foundation sent Arthur to learn tennis with First Serve Tennis Academy. Arthur likes to participate in sports such as martial arts, but his favorite sport is soccer. Contact us if you would like to support newcomers like Arthur in learning other sports.

Meet Lucca (age 8) and Matteo (age 10). Their parents were born in Brazil and moved to Canada in 2014. Lucca likes to play soccer and FANS Foundation sent him to Calgary Rangers Soccer camp this summer. Matteo likes to play racket sports and FANS foundation sent him to The Tennis Academy camp this summer. They enjoyed learning to play Padel with our FANS team and Calgary Padel Club. FANS Foundation looks forward to supporting Lucca and Matteo with the winter sports they want to learn including hockey, skiing and snowboarding. We will be inviting Lucca and Matteo to skate and play hockey with our founders in the winter and hope to send them to some hockey games with their parents. Contact us if you would like to support kids like Lucca and Matteo as they pursue the sports they want to learn.

Meet Kaycee.  She moved to Canada in July 2018 from the Philippines. Kaycee hasn’t had an opportunity to play any sports in the Philippines so is looking forward to learning all sports to play with her new friends she will meet when she goes to school. Kaycee enjoyed learning Padel with FANS Foundation. FANS foundation sent Kaycee to The Tennis Academy summer camp where she practiced her racquet skills. Kaycee looks forward to learning skating with our founders this fall.  Please contact us if you would like to support Kaycee in learning other Canadian Sports. 

Meet Angelina! My name is Angelina. I’m 8 years old and I came from Brazil to Calgary with my parents about one year ago. I love having fun doing all kinds of sports. This year I was sent to the Calgary Rangers Soccer camp and loved it! I made new friends and learned that I’m actually good at it! I also love winter sports especially hockey and curling. Thank you FANS Foundation for the awesome time at the soccer camp and I hope I’m sent to more camps to learn the sports I like. Contact us if you would like to support Angelina in learning hockey and curling.

Meet Binazir, Ali and Masud! They were born in Pakistan and moved to Canada in 2014 with their father. Binazir is 9 years old.  She attended  Boulder Climbing camp  through FANS this summer and  loved it. She likes all kind of sports and this winter she wants to learn skating. Ali is 12 years old and attended the Volleydome camp through FANS this  summer.  He had a lot of fun learning to play volleyball. His favorite sport is soccer and he would like to learn to play it. Masud is 15 years old and  would love to learn to play all  Canadian sports. These three Newcomers have  never had an opportunity to play any sports in Pakistan. Please contact us if you would like to support Binazir, Ali and Masud as they pursue the sports they want to learn.   We would love to offer them spots in Winter Sports Programs and to partner them with Canadian friends to play Canadian Sports. 

Meet Precious who is 9 years old  and came to Canada from the Philippines  in 2018.  She was reunited with her mother after 7 years apart.  Precious’ Single Mother has a dream of sending Precious to  as many Sports Programs as she able to  help Precious regain and boost her self-esteem, which she feels she lost with all the difficult transitions to Canadian life.  

This is a note from her Mother: I thought letting Precious join  any sports and activities will help her regain and boost her self – esteem.  I enrolled her in ice skating and she enjoyed it a lot she even envisioned herself to be one of the Olympians. She also did Capoeira and she had fun doing that too. Unfortunately, sudden changes in  my financial situation happened and I can’t take her to any camps or any activities. As a single mother, I was so happy when I received an email from your Foundation regarding the activities that kids can join to for free.  I am so grateful and thankful of your Foundation.  I am joyful that there are people like you  helping children to enjoy their childhood and being able to bring out the best in each child and letting them feel a  sense of belonging which in that way they will grow as a happy child  and most importantly, they will know their worth and gain self – confidence.  Precious really enjoyed volleyball, however she will be happier if she will be able to continue doing ice skating. I am sincerely hoping that you will assist us in finding someone who can or anyone who can help Precious to do ice skating again. 

Please let us know if you can help Precious join an Ice Skating Program and any other sports. 

Meet Neil! His parents were born in India and have not played any Canadian sports. We are helping Neil to become familiar with different Canadian sports. Neil would now love to learn how to skate. Check back to see Neil’s progress.

Meet Danielle!  Her parents recently moved from the Philippines. We are teaching her to skate.  Her parents would also like to learn to skate one day.